Friday, 18 May 2012

Mission Statement

A writer writes.

This is what a pen and paper looks like to you digital age apes
That’s the common adage we hear.  Sometimes we writers aren’t writing though, but we are thinking about it.  No, really we are.  Thinking is just as important to a writer as the actual writing.  And since we’re deconstructing that adage, rewriting is actually more important to a writer than writing: it is though rewriting that we find the truth of what it was we were trying to say.  But we write, we have to write.  It is compulsion.  We should try and write every day as well, even when we don’t feel like it.  Even when we’d rather pull out our own fingernails than consider putting pen to page (or fingers to keyboard). 

So this is my proclamation.  That for one month, and one month only to begin with (we’ll see how this goes), I will write a new blog post every day.  I might talk about utter rubbish, I might talk some sense, I’ll probably try and crack some dreadful jokes and I might draw you another terrible picture in Paint (see a few posts down for illumination (or don’t)). 

So I actually started this yesterday with a review Gwendoline Riley’s wonderful new novel Opposed Positions (what do you mean you haven’t bought it yet?  Go – go buy it now!  Wait, finish reading this blog post, then GO BUY IT!) so I’m one day up already.  And I know that’s cheating – what are you, the blogging police?  Wait, you are?  Sorry, sorry, I won’t do it again officer, I promise.

My rules for this little exercise:

1)      Each blog post must be between 400-500 words in length.  Long enough to give some depth, short enough to read while eating a sandwich.
2)      It must be in some way related to the creative process.  I’m a writer, so I’m best able to talk about writing (or reading) – in fact, it might be all I’m able to talk about.
3)      It will be one new post a day.  No cheating by posting two in one day.  I have to write even when I haven’t really got the time to (such as when I’m working a ten hour day stacking shelves to earn some poor amount of dough – yes, they pay me in flour and water.)

So there we go.  One month of blogging nonsense to look forward to.  I know, I’m excited too.  You’re right, there should be fireworks.  And a marching band.  And… oh sod it, see you tomorrow.

See, I said there should be fireworks - and lo, there are!

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