Monday, 3 October 2011

A Blogging Return (Yes, Another One!)

Okay blog, I admit it, I’m a crap friend. I set you up, fill you with high expectations, only to dash them all. But I’m back. And hopefully for more than just one post!

So what’s new?

I wrote - and failed to sell –a CBBC pilot – something of which I’m still proud. I’m convinced the BBC Writersroom only rejected it because of a two scene similarity with Back To The Future. Their rejection letter singled those two scenes out more than any other – but beyond those scenes they were full of praise – great characters, cinematic presentation, snappy dialogue. They did feel I hadn’t quite got modern 16 year old speak down perfectly at all times, but that was a more minor quibble. Nevertheless, I still think this pilot has great potential. I’m thinking of adapting it to a YA novel.

I wrote – and failed to sell – a CBeebies pilot. I didn’t want to write for CBeebies, but the opportunity was there and so I had to go for it. I think the show I came up with was fun, but a little under thought and somewhat diffuse in presentation. Was it a studio bound thing or an outdoors thing? Was the human in charge or the puppets? It needed more work, and more time, than I could give it. It did allow me to write a musical number though, so that was fun.

I wrote – and have currently placed with the BBC Writersroom – a radio play. Entitled ‘Quake’ it is a love story about beginnings and endings and crosses two continents but is set over just 45 minutes in the life of one family in one café. It is has humour, romance, bitterness, and joy. I’m proud of it. I hope BBC Radio 4 buy it, produce it, and air it. I know you’ll love it too.

I wrote – and am trying to sell very soon – a BBC3 science fiction/fantasy pilot. I’m happy with the work so far. It needs another few drafts before the Writersroom can see it. It has action, drama, evil monsters, and a kick-ass murder in a bathroom. I hope one day you get to see it live.

I wrote – and need to rewrite – a BBC1 serial killer thriller. It’s got good characters, an fascinating central drama, and a killer twist that I just love and is the reason I want it to be made. So viewers up and down the land can have the pleasure of scraping their jaws up off the living room carpet come the end of episode 5.

I wrote – and need to rewrite – a film script. A British film, about a indiscretion by one teenager that rips apart his life, and his family’s life. It asks questions about crime and punishment in the twenty-first century, and has a very tender love story at its heart.

I am still writing the literary novel – and have been for some years now. It’s still without a title. But I know how it ends now. You better have the tissues ready.

I have written a shaky first draft of another novel – a commercial thriller set in the States, which has chases, gunfights, and a diverse cast of characters trekking through wilderness. It gets bloody. People die. When I get around to rewriting it, I hope I can sell it.

So what hasn’t changed?

I’m still single. I’m still living with family. I’m not getting any younger. I’m still going to far too many pub quizzes – I’m even hosting one again now.

What are you promising me?

That I will sell something. I will earn hard-earned cash for my writing. Hopefully the BBC3 pilot and the literary novel and the radio play… I try not to ask for too much, but for these three things I must.

My final promise, dear blog, is to not leave you for so long. Perhaps, who knows, I may even be back tomorrow.

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