Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Updates and More Updates

I never blog as often as I'd like.  This doesn't mean that my life has become a hollow void, no siree, it actually means I'm very busy.  Somehow we've gotten almost to April and it seems like just yesterday it was 2012.  So the world can know what is new in my world, here is where we're at:

I've a script with a small film production company, currently in the semi-finals of one of their talent searches.  This is good.  Very good indeed.  Even if it goes no further, I had such great fun writing it, and it has me thinking about writing something else in the genre the script is in.

'Adam Strauss and the Three Sisters', my novel, is currently doing the rounds of literary agents and publishers.  One has come back to me so far, with a rejection, but a rejection letter in which they called me, and I quote, "clearly a talented writer" and had this to say of my abilities, "your narrative style is understated, elegant and very compelling."  This is good.  This is very bloody good indeed.  This was no standard rejection form, and they gave a legitimate reason for turning me down - so I see this not as a reason to mourn, but to strive forward, keep fighting for what I think I deserve, and more importantly, what I think the novel deserves.  Which is readers, and lots of them.

I'm almost at the end of the new novel - currently titled 'An Act of Kindness' (and that's an exclusive, as I've not revealed it before, anywhere, to anyone) - which even in first draft form I'm deeply proud of.  It's emotional, dramatic, turbulent, romantic and with a thrilling central drama.  Believe me when I say this novel has practically been writing itself.

Then, once 'An Act of Kindess' is finished (in 1st draft), I'll return to 'Shadow of the Mountain' (currently in 2nd draft) and tidy up its loose ends, and then I'll have a second novel to tour agents with.  'Shadow of the Mountain' is more political than anything I've done before, but grounded in real emotion - the classic subject of forbidden love, of familial duty, and faith.  I'm pleased with what I have in it, and a final draft should maximise its brilliance.  

Finally, I'm still finishing of the rewrite of the PhD, almost done now - I need it done, out of my life, as it's taken up so much of my existence that it's become a chore now, not a love - and I look forward to the day I'm finally awarded the degree.

So, as you see, busy.  Very busy.  So busy I didn't really have time to write this blog post, but it's good to stay connected, to speak to the world.  So hello world, and if you're an agent who has come to this page through whatever means (internet search, emailled link, interdimensional portal) and want to see more of my work for possible representation, please contact me.

Sayonora for now peeps.  Speak with you all soon.

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